Food for Life SA is an organisation with the primary goal eradicating hunger and malnutrition in South Africa.

They are part of Food for Life Global, which is the world’s largest vegan/vegetarian food relief programme serving over a million plates of cooked meals a day.

Food for Life’s work is increasingly important, given the effects that COVID-19 and subsequent lockdowns have had on South Africans’ ability to put food on the table. Between September and December 2020, 9.34 million people in South Africa faced high levels of acute food insecurity and required urgent action to reduce food gaps and protect livelihoods.

Food for Life SA recognises that in order to address the root cause of hunger, one must work towards eradicating poverty. Thus, they not only provides direct food distribution services, but also address, through its affiliated programs, diverse but related issues such as education,  environmental health and sustainability, and health care. Food for Life SA distributes food to everyone, regardless of race, religion, sex, community, or nationality.

Food for Life SA currently distributes approximately 15 000 plates of food per day nationally. Despite lockdown restrictions in South Africa, Food for Life SA has been providing meals throughout to those most in need. 

Lancaster Foundation supported Food for Life SA by assisting in the building of a kitchen in KwaZulu-Natal and purchasing a vehicle. This vehicle will be used for shopping and the distribution of much needed meals in the area.